Saturday, October 28, 2006

confirmed: haunted is not the soundtrack to house of leaves

this is all in lower case as a quick post. we'll have official texas and end of tour wrapup later today. mzd confirmed hopefully for the last time that haunted is not the soundtrack to house of leaves and he left the continental club gallery triumphantly to close out his only revolutions tour as blues by miles davis played. he pumped his fists in the air a few times and jumped into the back of a red pickup truck and rode off into the night. the tour is over and was a great ride for us all.

more details later sunday.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dallas TX event added!!

A Texas event has been added:
Thursday, October 26-Dallas
7:00 pm -- Borders #78, 5500 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX 75206.

As a side note - don't know why the LJ syndicated feed flooded with the old posts. I see that happen with other feeds from time to time. Sorry to flood your friendslist, but we didn't do it! ;)

Friday, October 06, 2006

MZD on KCRW's Bookworm

On Thursday, MZD was a featured guest on KCRW's Bookworm.

THU, OCT 5, 2006, 2:30P-3:00P
Mark Z. Danielewski

Host: Michael Silverblatt

Only Revolutions
There's no mistaking a novel by Mark Danielewski for any other. This new one can be read forward, backward and upside down. It has multi-colored inks; two sewn-in bookmarks (green and gold); and a circular structure. Here, we explore how the book's design reflects the joy-ride/killing spree of its two perpetual teenagers as they careen through time and space.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

KGB Bar audio link

The KGB Bar audio of Ken Kalfus and Mark Z. Danielewski's reading from 9/24/06 has finally been posted by here. (MZD starts halfway through)

You can also read their feature and review of the event at this link.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Only Revolutions Youtube Documentary Part 1

The official Exploration Z web documentary of the Only Revolutions tour (Part 1) is now available in order for your viewing pleasure at The MZDinfo youtube channel. This playlist includes each video in the director's intended order. Enjoy!

Bonus material including previously unposted sections that MZD has read thus far on the tour and some more Q&A will be posted within the next few weeks, and the conclusion of the web documentary will be posted after the conclusion of the tour, and Exploration Z's next two MZD tour dates in Dallas and Austin.

MZD Event Video: Columbia University 9.25.06

Mark Z. Danielewski did a reading and Q&A session for Columbia University's Writing Division on 9.25.06. Exploration Z's crew and a small group of students were lucky enough to attend. Now you get the opportunity to watch and listen to the entire event. We've divided it into five clips, and put them here in order.

Part 1 - Introduction and H1-8:

Mark Z. Danielewski reads pages H1-8 from his novel Only Revolutions at Columbia University.

Part 2 - S209-216:

Mark Z. Danielewski reads pages S209-216 from Only Revolutions at Columbia University.

Part 3 - "How did you write it?":

Mark Z. Danielewski answers the question "How did you write it?" about his novel Only Revolutions.

Part 4 - More Q&A:

Mark Z. Danielewski talks about the following:
What has changed in publishing to allow you to use more color?
Collaborating process with Poe and TZD.
The last page of House of Leaves.
The language of Only Revolutions.

Part 5 - The rest of the Q&A:

The last part of the Q&A at Columbia University, where Mark Z. Danielewski discusses:
Suggested way to read Only Revolutions.
Lessons learned from House of Leaves used in Only Revolutions.
Which philosophers inspired Only Revolutions and how much of their work did you logically implement into the book?


MZD Event Video: Brookline Booksmith, Boston, MA 9.26.06

Mark Z. Danielewski reads pages H137-144 from Only Revolutions at the Brookline Booksmith in Boston, MA.

Mark Z. Danielewski reads pages H225-232 from his novel Only Revolutions at the Brookline Booksmith in Boston, MA.

Mark Z. Danielewski describes a conversation he had with French Translator Claro at the Brookline Booksmith in Boston, MA.


MZD Event Video: Barnes and Noble, 6th Ave (Chelsea) New York, NY 9.25.06

Mark Z. Danielewski reads pages S89-96 from his novel Only Revolutions at the Barnes and Noble on 6th Ave (Chelsea) in New York City.

Mark Z. Danielewski answers a fan's question regarding the audiobook of Only Revolutions at Barnes and Noble in Chelsea, NYC.


MZD Event Video: KGB Bar, New York 9.24.06

The video is dark, but you'll get the sense of being there from it.

Mark Z. Danielewski is introduced to the capacity crowd at the KGB Bar. forum member pills23 checks in from the KGB Bar.