Sunday, October 01, 2006

MZD Event Video: Columbia University 9.25.06

Mark Z. Danielewski did a reading and Q&A session for Columbia University's Writing Division on 9.25.06. Exploration Z's crew and a small group of students were lucky enough to attend. Now you get the opportunity to watch and listen to the entire event. We've divided it into five clips, and put them here in order.

Part 1 - Introduction and H1-8:

Mark Z. Danielewski reads pages H1-8 from his novel Only Revolutions at Columbia University.

Part 2 - S209-216:

Mark Z. Danielewski reads pages S209-216 from Only Revolutions at Columbia University.

Part 3 - "How did you write it?":

Mark Z. Danielewski answers the question "How did you write it?" about his novel Only Revolutions.

Part 4 - More Q&A:

Mark Z. Danielewski talks about the following:
What has changed in publishing to allow you to use more color?
Collaborating process with Poe and TZD.
The last page of House of Leaves.
The language of Only Revolutions.

Part 5 - The rest of the Q&A:

The last part of the Q&A at Columbia University, where Mark Z. Danielewski discusses:
Suggested way to read Only Revolutions.
Lessons learned from House of Leaves used in Only Revolutions.
Which philosophers inspired Only Revolutions and how much of their work did you logically implement into the book?


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