Sunday, November 12, 2006

More multimedia meantime

We've been catching up on other things (namely sleep) since we've been home. Rest assured that updates are allways on the back of our minds. Sometimes at the front, but usually we don't act on those...

While you wait, here is some multimedia to peruse. The Only Rev page timeline should be updated soon with news that was from October and November.

Drinks With Tony
BookShorts' Moving Stories - Jonathan Safran Foer Interviews MZD at IFOA
The Agony Column
iF Magazine - The Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D pic
the bat segundo show

Keep your fingers crossed for Mark to win the NBA award on Wednesday! While he's there in NY drinking, we are planning to see fellow Austin panelist and first Young Lions Fiction Award nominee Heidi Julavits at the Booksmith here at home.

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