Friday, September 22, 2006

Bookshop Santa Cruz

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Just got back from the Bookshop Santa Cruz reading/Q&A/signing. The reading was interrupted twice by a special guest, who seems to drift from place to place in Santa Cruz and had a guitar with him. Mark remarked later in the night that he was hoping he would play for him. The crowd was very enthusiastic to hear Mark and asked some questions that were different from the norm. Mark again read five passages from the book tonight, but this time read two from Hailey and three from Sam.


MZD in Santa Cruz

Mark also did an interview on KUSF this afternoon. If we can obtain a copy, the audio may appear here on the blog. This was a testout for the Hailey passages. Mark still isn't sure he is comfortable reading the female side of the story. He also fears that fans will get confused if he reads passages from each. I suggested that as long as he didn't read the same 8 pages from each that it shouldn't be a problem.

There was a very cool crowd tonight and we will have more articles, Sam/Hailey Cam and event footage up soon.

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