Monday, September 25, 2006

MZD at Columbia University 9.25.06

MZD did a reading and Q&A for the Writing Division of Columbia University this afternoon. Thanks to tips from fearful_syzygy, MZD and his publicist, and many thanks to the visitors center at Columbia, Exploration Z's crew of two was able to attend.

MZD read two passages, one Hailey and one Sam. He then went on to answer around thirty minutes worth of attendee's questions. Michele's request for "please read the part where Sam is mad at his boss and keeps changing the boss's name" was honored at this reading with around 20 in attendance.

We got video and audio from this event and will be sharing most if not all of it with you upon our return home later this week.

Non-Sam Cam report from the event... Someone asked about Poe and Tad's influence on House of Leaves but used Poe's given name. Later when he was getting his book signed, Mark corrected him and said "She goes by Poe" and when the same student asked Mark to sign under his name on the title page instead of on the dedication page, he was denied that request as well.

Michele says "He was 0wned twice" and wanted to share.

Thanks again to all involved in getting us there!

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