Friday, September 22, 2006

M is for Mystery signing

I just got back from the M is for Mystery signing in San Mateo. Small crowd of around 10 there for this one. The store had around 300 copies of various incarnations of all of Mark's books that they were expecting him to sign. By the time he got done with the line (which he politely invited to stick around and chat), it was already close to 3:00, and he needed to be done by 3:30 or so to get back to San Francisco. I wished him luck!

He offered some news about the audiobook. His intent at this time is to complete the recording when he returns from tour at the end of October, then hopefully release it electronically through cdbaby. Eventually this may lead to an official legitimate release through Random House, but they would almost definitely ask him to wait until the paperback release.

My photos and video are all extremely blurry from the event. I've put up a very small clip on youtube, but nothing turned out from this place. Not much to report outside of this news, and a very cool Hailey drawing that one of the fans had done.

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