Friday, September 29, 2006

Sam Cam #8 through 15 - New York and Boston

JT's out of office announcement while travelling to the East coast for Only Revolutions tour coverage.

US on the F train on the way to the KGB Bar Mark Z. Danielewski Only Revolutions reading.

A color wheel in a film reel. This is from the window of the Anthology Film Archive at 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue, on the east side of NYC. This footage was taken just a short walk from the KGB Bar, where MZD had just read to a packed house.

JT apologizes for the lack of video footage from the KGB Bar and the technical difficulties that make this the only Sam Cam footage to bookend the reading.

M complains about the speed limit while in search of a nonexistant White Castle on the road to Boston for the Brookline Booksmith Only Revolutions reading.

A Boston road sign on the way to the Brookline Booksmith Only Revolutions reading.

Dinner at Zaftig's deli was great while waiting to talk with Mark Z. Danielewski following the Brookline Booksmith reading.

Mark Z. Danielewski bids JT and M a fond farewell and says hi to all of you out on the internets as well, sort of... at the Brookline Booksmith.


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