Friday, September 22, 2006

MZD Booksmith San Francisco Event 9.22.06

MZD did a fantastic reading and Q&A at Booksmith in San Francisco. My early favorite of the tour thus far. He changed up the story to introduce his reading, this time focusing on first love, and never mentioning ghosts. However, he did mention that even though they didn't realize it, Sam and Hailey were going to die.

Tonight's reading consisted of five passages, two Hailey and three Sam.

Mark is also interested in your requests for future readings, so please respond here or on the book tour thread.


Since we're about to embark on a cross-country journey and we don't want to keep you waiting until late next week, here are the video clips from San Francisco:

MZD's author escort for the San Francisco Bay Area says hello to MZD and his fans on the internet.

Sam Cam #7 - Allways...

Mark Z. Danielewski answers a question asked at the Booksmith reading about how he reacts to the forums when he's sitting at home reading them.

MZD reads pages H241-248 from Only Revolutions at Booksmith in San Francisco.


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