Sunday, September 24, 2006


MZD read at the KGB Bar on the lower east side of New York City tonight. The bar was jam-packed and incredible warm. Mark was preceded by another author, Ken Kalfus, whose reading did not inspire US to buy a copy of his latest novel. The reading talked a lot about stock portfolios and 401(k) and how the male protagonist was pissed at his ex-wife for having more money saved than he did. Then they took a short break to allow the bar to make some money and for Ken to sign copies of his book.

Eventually Mark came out from behind the curtain (he was sitting in the window, probably the only cool place in the whole building) and read five passages from Only Revolutions. Michele had passed him the list of requests from all of you, but he did the same five passages that he had done at Booksmith in San Francisco.

Due to the huge crowd and our position in the back of the bar, we don't have any video footage of the reading. We may have a couple of small Sam Cam clips to put up upon return, but the most we can offer as far as actual reading coverage is audio. The even better news is that there should be better audio than ours, officially available direct from the KGB Bar. Check out for more details of the podcast, which should be available to download on Wednesday.

Our forum regular Sam Cam testimonial from tonight was from Pills23. Unfortunately, due to loud noise in the bar and bad lighting conditions, it is not usable. Thanks for being a willing participant, Pills23 and maybe we'll redo it tomorrow night at Barnes & Noble.

Sorry for all of you we didn't get the chance to meet. We're sight-seeing and such as well, being tourists in this fine city. That didn't leave enough time for food throughout the day and we were very hungry. Plus the heat was a pretty big factor as well. Either way, we walked a few blocks to Katz's Deli and split a pastrami on rye. Great sandwich, however if we never post again, it was because of the heart attack we just suffered.

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