Tuesday, September 26, 2006

MZD nyc/boston quick post

barnes and noble 6th and 22nd, chelsea, new york 9.25.06
for his last new york event in september, mark z. danielewski did a reading/q&a/signing at the barnes and noble in chelsea. the artist who did the cover artwork and mark's brother chris were in attendance, as were around 70 others. mzd did five readings, this time substituting S209-216 where the memphis rendevous was previously. he answered many of the same questions he is often asked, but added some interesting bits about the audiobook. the engineer he is working with as well as the composer he is working with both have vast libraries of sound effects. so there may be specific car sounds or other noises in the background. in the scene that takes place in the middle of the book where sam and hailey are talking to each other, the only background noise was to be a ceiling fan. his composer had a better idea though. lets use the rotors turning from the opening of apocalypse now, right before they play "the end". again the audiobook, hopefully with this collaboration intact, should be available this holiday season.

brookline booksmith boston, ma 9.26.06
exploration z's last tour date until a month from now happened tonight at the brookline booksmith in boston. mzd read to an incredibly packed house, and i have to hand it to the staff for being very well-organized and having a wonderful store to boot. mark changed things up a bit tonight, reading hailey's versions of the memphis rendevous and a new to the tour passage involving lots of killing post saint louis (1991). three hailey, also including h1-8, and two sam staples, the orgy and the mountain. we said our final farewells for the month and got a sam cam clip with the man himself, which we hope to post up after we return home sometime this week.

it has been a wonderful ride.

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